Win A Live Tibetan Khata Scarf and Support Clean Water!


Be a part of our Climb the Mountain to Clean Water campaign with Challenge21 and Water for People and win cool pieces from Tibet and India! Over the month of February, if you make a donation to Water For People via our WFP fundraising page, we’ll enter your name in the giveaway. Enter now with your donation (every dollar donated qualifies you for one entry, $5 = 5 entries!).

Today we are featuring our Live Tibetan Khata Scarf for the next giveaway in our Climb the Mountain to Clean Water campaign. A khata, is a traditional ceremonial scarf which symbolizes purity and compassion and the pure heart of the giver. Tibetans commonly give a kind acknowledgment of good luck at the time of presenting. Jake Norton of Challenge21 will spend the day acclimating before heading to the summit tonight and embarking on his climb of El Pico de Orizaba. We’ll be thinking of him over the next few days and sending many thoughts of good luck his way.

Khatas can also be presented at festive occasions to a host or departure of guests and at Tibetan weddings, guests offer khatas to the bride and groom. The Dalai Lama is known to offer khatas as a gift which symbolizes purity of intention and the beginning of the relationship.

A portion of proceeds from our Khata Scarves is always donated to the Challenge21 campaign and Water for People, helping to bring clean water and sanitation to countries worldwide.


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