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Founder Kael Robinson Featured in Fox Business News


Did you know that Live Worldly started with a layoff, $40, and three wishes? Read Kael’s story, covered in Fox Business News, about how a trip to Argentina inspired her to build a business that has grown to over 30 countries – with no signs of stopping.


“When people say, ‘you sell bracelets,’ I say, ‘no, I sell wishes.’”

This is what 29-year-old Kael Robinson tells me in our recent interview. She is the founder of Live Worldly and when she says those words I am smiling from ear to ear. Yes. Wishes. Brilliant.

People love that about birthdays, she points out. Or, I think, when pitchinga penny in a fountain. Or creating a vision board. The life coach in me comes alive.

There is something particularly compelling about a 20-something who starts a business, period. But this one figured out after just a short time interning and working in public relations during and post-college that self-employment was a much more preferred route.

“It’s the rebellion side of me,” Robinson says.

Having seen her mother in action as an entrepreneur, it didn’t seem daunting. And, well, after a layoff, an idea had sprung from a pleasure trip to Argentina and her purchase of a Brazilian bracelet or Brazilet. The idea is to tie it on your wrist with three knots, making a wish for each, and when it falls off naturally it is said your wishes will come true.

It was such a fun concept Robinson bought 100 bracelets wholesale for $40 with the idea of sharing it with friends.

“It sort of spiraled out of control from there, in a good way,” she says.

With the economy we’re living in now and unemployment rates hovering in scary places, we’ve begun to hear the ambitious mantra, “if you can’t find a job, create one.” While Robinson’s case is one of willfully choosing to work for herself, it is still a great example of this spirit — if you can’t find a job, create one that is based on a simple concept, is globally and socially conscious, and captures a sense of spiritual whimsy in its customers.

Live Worldly began in August 2008. The Brazilets are still a best seller, but mentions in media — as diverse as CosmoGirl, US Weekly and the Wall Street Journal, just to name a few – have helped grow the business to 20 countries contributing more than 400 products. In addition, Live Worldly can be found in Barney’s and other major retailers and has recently struck deals for 2012 with Macy’s and Diane von Furstenberg.