Wedding Bells with Brazilets


Summer is the peak of wedding season which leaves every fashion-saavy guest wondering: “Whatever will I wear? And how will I accessorize?!” As multiple nuptial festivities approach in the upcoming weeks, Live Worldly is a fabulous resource to bring unique accessories into your ensemble as a guest.

Featured recently on NBC Philadelphia, Brazilets in the bangle form are a colorful addition to any frock being worn this season. Besides on your wrist, these bracelets would make wonderful bridesmaids’ gifts, or a meaningful gift to the new couple. What better way to offer your best wishes than with Brazilian wish bracelets to be worn into their first year of marriage.

Brazilet's Wedding Pack includes all 28 colors

But back to you, the effortlessly fabulous wedding guest. Besides Brazilets, LiveWorldly has a whole world (teehee!) of other jewels and baubles that will make you shine at whatever soiree you attend this summer.

Vibrant beaded earrings from Tibet

Argentine Coin Necklace

Pearl jewelry from China


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