Arm Candy


Every girl knows one of the best ways to jazz up an outfit and express your style is with bracelets. The latest trend to hit the nation? The “Arm Party,” a term coined by hilariously frank and chic blogger The Man Repeller (see definition here). This trend involves using your wrists to display a multitude of stacked bracelets. Our favorite personal touch? A little bit of Brazil.

Brazilets (Live Worldly’s most popular product) are a 200 year-old tradition from mystical Bahia, Brazil. Worn throughout Latin America, they have spiritual significance for all who wear them. The custom involves tying the bracelet in three knots, and making three wishes.  Through the power of positive karma, Brazilet bracelets have been embraced throughout North America and abroad. They have quickly become one of the most popular, fashionable ways of making a difference in our world while reinforcing the hopes and dreams of their wearer.

Besides their wish power, brazilets major claim to fame as of late has been its celebrity fan club.

   MTV’s Lauren Conrad

                                                                             Model/Actress Brooklyn Decker

          Broadcast Journalist Katie Couric

Actress Camilla Belle

Who else to invite to the Arm Candy Party? Decenarios, also from Brazil, are handwoven in the style of a rosary. Each color supposedly represents an emotion or spiritual force, so pile them on and give Lady Luck a little hand.



You can start collecting more arm candy like brazilets and decenarios here.


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